Save on your Cannabis Seeds using a Canadian Seed Bank Supplier

It is no longer a secret that nowadays many people regularly are taking marijuana weed to defeat stress, depression and get some colors & fun in their life.

Some countries have even legalized consummation of marijuana weed and people in such countries can smoke weed anytime they want without any legal issues or consequences(but there are still some limitations).

Canada is one of those countries where you are free to smoke weed and you will not be published if you like to have some marijuana. Even more, there are many places where you can legally buy marijuana seeds and you will not face legal issues for it, but some people still choose to buy from illegal and non-licensed drug dealers for certain reasons…

People tend to buy marijuana from less reliable sources mostly because of its lower price compared to official shops, but still, even in such risky places weed is pretty expensive even for people who smokes in very rare occasions. For people who are regular users of marijuana, it’s almost stupid and very expensive choice to buy it as prices are always expensive in all places – that’s why the new trend has raised.

Now, as many people are regular users of marijuana weed and they need it almost every day, buying it for so often use is very unfriendly for your pocket and will easily leave you with an empty pocket. That’s why a new trend is becoming more and more popular every day…

Its way more cheaper to buy cannabis seedsonline from a reliable source like Canada seed bank and grow them in your house or yard, then in few months when its fully grown plant you can easily extract necessary components from it to make high quality, 100% natural marijuana weed from it and smoke it anytime.

Canada seeds bank is one of the most popular supplier in Canada used by hundreds of people to buy cannabis seeds in an affordable and always best rate. Another advantage of this supplier is it’s high quality and on-demand availability – you can always find available crops for nearly all popular types of cannabis and each of them is highest, royal quality as the name suggests.

Easy and flexible service is another reason why you might want to choose this supplier as it has one of the fastest delivery in all of Canada and you can easily order suitable type of seeds online from their website, which is also specially designed to be easy for users to use and fast to load.

If you are still not sure and wondering about why you might want to grow cannabis seeds yourself, let me make things easier for you and explain all advantages and pros about growing seeds in your home.

Why you should grow cannabis seeds on your own

The first and most important reason why people choose to buy cannabis seeds and grow them on their own instead of buying already made marijuana weed is price effectiveness – it’s a much cheaper option in all cases.

You will not find pre-made weed anywhere within the price range of cannabis seeds, they’re much cheaper just because someone took 2 mins per day to take them care and 1 mins to make each weed, pretty easy to do yourself right?!

Another popular reason why so many people have quit buying already made weeds and have started growing their own cannabis plants is quality – after all, quality matters the most, even more than price.

When you’re buying a high quality, royal seeds, taking them to care, controlling everything and finally turning it into marijuana, you know the quality the best, you know it’s all natural made without any compromising additions and unsafe ingredients. This way you are getting 100% natural, safe weed compared to weeds you may buy from third party sellers where you don’t have control over quality and don’t know exactly what you’re going to smoke.

Third and least popular, still quite common reason why people like to grow cannabis seeds in their home is one simple reason – it’s fun! You may not feel like it’s any fun to grow seeds before you try it yourself, but after you have tried you’ll definitely love it.

It’s quite fun and enjoyable when you’re taking care of your favorite plant, watching it grow every day, getting close to the point where you can finally use the result of your daily work.…

Easiest Marijuana Plants to Grow

The world is always changing and we see new trends to come and go however there are few trends that come and stay very popular for a very long time. One such trend is outdoor marijuana growing or marijuana growing in particular. Marijuana plant care and growing are widely popular nowadays, it has been somewhat popular all the time but in recent years it became extremely popular. Why? There is some reason…

One of the major reason why so many people started to grow marijuana plants is that finally, it’s legal in many countries. After a lot of struggling, punishments and different special operations against marijuana growing finally it’s completely legal for everyone, who would ever imagine… That has allowed people to start growing cannabis on their own freedom, for both – personal or business uses.

Another strong reason why it has become so popular trend recently is its price effectiveness. As legislation in many countries opened doors for marijuana users and its users increased significantly, so increased market demand and smart people take advantage of it. Now marijuana has become even more expensive than it was ago, so regular people have trouble buying them regularly and growing cannabis seeds are a fun, easy and much cheaper option.

As it’s so popular nowadays many people are trying to start their own small or big cannabis farms and grow seeds but unfortunately many of them fail for different reasons.

Some people mistakenly think that growing cannabis indoor is a cheaper option, but in reality, it requires a lot of expensive equipment like special lighters, plus additional care and all that makes it harder and more expensive than growing cannabis seeds outside.

Another reason why most people failed is that they don’t know how to grow cannabis in a proper way, how to take it carefully and what environment and conditions it needs.

Whenever you’re just starting or still wondering about starting your own cannabis farm, here is a list of some easiest marijuana plant types you can grow yourself without hiring experts and spending thousands of dollars for it.

Blue dream

This weirdly named cannabis plant is a hybrid created especially to be useful for as many conditions and environment as possible.

It is durable, it is fast growing, it has strong effects and it’s quite common around the world, you should not have problems finding its seeds.

This hybrid isn’t one of the most popular choices for beginners for no reason – it’s quite easy to grow and gives fast and very rewarding results, feeling fine in most conditions, temperature and climates.


Another popular choice, Ruderalis is not a hybrid but 100% original cannabis plant type created and brought to you by nature itself.

This bushy, short plant is good for indoor or outdoor use and can be very easy even for beginners to grow it successfully. It grows quickly and you will have a lot of flowers to make marijuana weeds from it for smoking.

This is a bit soft for long time marijuana users but it’s great for beginners.


Another 100% original and natural cannabis plant by nature, Indica is one of the most popular choices for all level of weed smokers and cannabis seeds growers.

If you are serious about growing cannabis for business or want plenty of weed to smoke often, then Indica is the right choice for you. It’s has one of the strongest and most noticeable effects in a short time and marijuana users love it for this reason.

Marijuana sellers are also in love with this cannabis plant as it is one of the fastest growing marijuana plants in the world and it gives a lot of high-quality flowers you can use for making weeds. This allows its growers to produce a lot of marijuana weed in a short amount of time.

This plant only needs 6-8 weeks for flowering.

But this is one of those types which isn’t very practical to grow in-house and is meat for outdoor growing. It isn’t the largest cannabis plant out there but still, it easily reaches 5-7 feet in height which isn’t small for a room plant.

Those are three most common and easy cannabis plants you should try if you are interested in marijuana plant care and growing if you want to join those people who are successfully growing their own cannabis plants and making marijuana with spending a lot of money or effort.

Guidelines on How to Grow Indoor Weed

If you are one of those people who are thinking about growing cannabis seeds on their own there are high chancesthat you already know its full benefits but you don’t know what you need to grow indoor weed and if you don’t learn it well, you will definitely fail.

There are many different things that you need to pay attention if you want to grow healthy, useful cannabis seeds that can produce high quality, natural marijuana weed which you can smoke and be happy. Add to that, you need to do it good enough so you will get results fast enough and the whole work will be effective, what’s idea of waiting for months to smoke few weed? It’s not effective and it’s not useful, so timings also matters.

When you’re just a beginner in the business of cannabis growing, whenever you’re doing it for personal use or business, wheneveryou’re doing it indoor or outdoor things always looks hard just because you’re new to it and don’t have much experience or knowledge. Actually, growing cannabis seeds are an easy and effortless job if you know what you are doing.

Step 1: choose right type of seeds for your needs

There are many types of cannabis plants each with their specific requirements and results, you need to be wise when choosing cannabis seeds as many things depends on your choice.

When you’re growing seeds indoor you don’t want to buy outdoor seeds, or what if you plant seeds, take it care for weeks and then you found out that it’s not female plant, it doesn’t flower and you can’t use it for smoking? All your efforts and time is wasted…

To avoid such failures you should be sure that seeds you choose are created especially for indoor growth and are compatible with your home environment, also, make sure they’re female plants or at least part of it is, so you will get cannabis flowers which you can use later to make weed and smoke it.

Genetics also matters a lot, always go for genuine, royal quality cannabis seeds instead of low quality cloned seeds which are cheaper but doesn’t come with most important ability that you need. Genuine and original seeds grow faster and are healthier.

Step 2: get ready and buy all needed equipment

Good equipment is one of the most important but also most overlooked factors in marijuana plants growing. You should make sure you will be ready to grow seeds and you should have all tools and stuff that’s needed.

Choose a big pot designed for growing seeds, it should have enough space for your seeds and should not be easily overheating or cooling down. The ground also should be high quality, ready for seeds, rich with minerals that plants needs. It should not be dry but too much humidity is also bad.

You will definitely need plants lighter in most cases, so be sure to get one if you want your plant to grow fast and easily. Most plant lighters are created for home use and are small in size, don’t consume too much energy, so be sure you will not buy something huge which you don’t need and will cost you a lot for electro energy.

Step 3: start caring for your plants

You should attention to your cannabis plants and make it maximally “happy” so it will grow fast and it will grow healthy.

Watering it often is essential, preferably 2-3 days per day. Plants need water as much as we do.

However, each watering session should be short and you should not give it too much water. In nature rain can continue for hours and there can be many litres of water, but all that water is consumed by huge grounds and plants are only getting what they need, however in an indoor pot there isn’t so much space or grounds, so a lot of water will just drown your plants.

Also, timings matters a lot, you should not water plants when they’re overheated as even coldest water gets hot quickly in a high temperature and it will make things just harder. It’s good idea to water you plants every morning and evening.


Growing seeds can be a bit of pain from the beginning, however if you will follow all suggestions and use what you need to grow indoor weed you will success and as you will evolve over time, finally it will become just a piece of cake.