The Most Common Types of Marijuana Plants

Marijuana has always been an extremely popular way to get dizzy and nowadays it’s more popular than ever, especially after legalization in some countries and decriminalization in many countries.

It is the most popular weed in the entire world for many reasons: it’s less harmful than cigarette or alcohol, it’s also much less addictive than above two or any narcotics and after all with new regulations in USA, Canada and many other countries, you can grow it on your own without any legal issues what makes it also cheapest choice among its competitors.

When we are talking about marijuana, what most people know is that it’s made from the cannabis plant and that’s it, but actually, things are a bit deeper and complicated. There are many different types of cannabis plants, each with their own pluses and minuses, each of them requires different environment, special care and not all of them provides same quality or type of marijuana, some of them aren’t useful to make marijuana weed at all.

Pretty confusing right? Well, here’s core details about most common ones you may ever come across. Now you may be wondering why you should continue reading and know about cannabis plant types, what’s its use for you, the answer is simple – if you want to grow cannabis seeds you should know basics of marijuana plant care and what procedures you need to take for successful growth, by understanding types of marijuana plants you can understand more easily which type of plant you need and how to best deal with it.

Cannabis Sativa

This type of cannabis plant is originated from equatorial territories and has its own very specific abilities.

Due to the well-balanced light cycle, it developed the ability to continue growing even during the flowering period, allowing it to grow huge in size. Some of those plants reach as high as 20 feet tall.

Its flowering period is about 10-16 weeks and its leaves are pointy, many people associating it with fingers. Not only the size and appearance of this cannabis plant are unusual but effects also tend to be more potent than traditional marijuana.

Cannabis Indica Plant

Now, this type of marijuana plant is probably most common in the world for many reasons, probably every user of marijuana weed has tasted it at least once because of its popularity.

The main reason why this type of plant is so popular and common worldwide is that it’s one of the fastest flowering cannabis out there, very useful for people who grow cannabis and sell marijuana weed. Unlike Sativa plant, Indica only needs 6 to 8 weeks for flowering and is one of the fastest flowering cannabis plants in the world.

It’s also very useful for people who are looking to grow cannabis in their house for personal use as it doesn’t grow too big and usually barely reaches 5 feet height which is suitable for a home, unlike mighty 20 feet height.

It has also powerful effects similar to Sativa but also has some differences in effect, having more influence on your body than the brain (opposite for Sativa).

This plant is originated from sub-tropical countries but nowadays it’s available worldwide.


Another very common type of cannabis plant is Ruderalis which is common worldwide and much easier to grow than the other two above.

Unlike them, Ruderalis isn’t a large and tall tree but a small, bushy plant with board leaves. It usually grows from ½ feet to max. 2 feet in height and that makes it perfect for home or indoor use.

It is easy to plant it in a pot and place it in your room, that’s the main reason why its value and useful cannabis plant, however, it has one big disadvantage what keeps it away from becoming most popular marijuana plant type out there…

The effects of Ruderalis aren’t as strong and as unique as above two or most other cannabis plants, some people even think it’s useless and don’t want to use it, but still, some people are happy with it and its effects is completely enough for them.

These three are major and most common types of cannabis you will ever meet, not including useless ones which don’t flower and can’t be actually used to make weed for smoking. Now you can understand which plant you’re dealing with and what you should expect.