Growing Tips 101

Marijuana has always been one of the most popular weeds from ancient times and its popularity is always growing, never to decrease. In modern days, a huge part of people worldwide are regular users of marijuana and smoke its weed regularly – some are as often as daily users, others once per week or several times per month, but they’re all regular.

Marijuana has replaced all types of cigarettes and very dangerous narcotics for many reasons including its slightly less harm and little to no addiction.

Such popularity of the product has made marijuana buy & sell market extremely competitive but still, the prices are higher than the average regular user can be happy with. The reason behind it is due to high, always growing demand for the product, so sellers aren’t required to decrease the prices but many people have trouble spending that much on it.

As marijuana is no longer treated as some dangerous narcotics and it’s proved that marijuana is actually much less harmful or addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, plus it actually has some health useful uses many countries has legalized or at least decriminalized marijuana weed use with necessary limitations.

But legalization of it even increased the demand for marijuana weeds and governments had to find a good solution suitable for all type of users, so we got law which allows people to grow marijuana for personal use.

That new way quickly becomes widely popular as cannabis seeds saving is huge because you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenses and are no longer forced to pay a lot of your hard earned money for little things that sellers do. Growing your own cannabis seeds and making marijuana weed yourself is a much cheaper and easier choice than buying pre-made weed which is always expensive.

But the reason why many people fail there and are still forced to buy weed because they couldn’t grow their own cannabis seeds is simple – they don’t know how to take care of it and so can’t successfully grow a healthy and high quality plant.

If you are in the club above, no need to worry about it, here’s all information you need to know in order to grow healthy, high quality cannabis plant which you be turned into ultimate marijuana weed.

Genetics are very important

Before you buy cannabis seeds and start growing it, you should choose the type and quality of seeds very carefully as it’s one of the most important thing if not most important. Even if you will put a lot of effort in it and will take it care really well, if the genetics aren’t good and seeds are low quality, it will not give you good results.

Always go for high quality seeds, be ready to pay a bit more for genuine cannabis seeds than low quality “identical” clones, this way you’ll not have issues getting it to grow well.

Choose the right type for you

There are different types of cannabis seeds meant for different purposes, you should only choose the one which is created for your conditions.

Generally, there are two major types of cannabis seeds when it comes to growing – created for indoor and outdoor growth. If you are going to grow seeds in your living room, then of course indoor seeds are the right fit for you, however, if you want to plant it in your yard, outside plants are your best choice.

Also, you can go even further and pay attention to climate conditions, some seeds are good for cold climates while some of them require hot weather to grow well.

Keep watering and don’t forget about sunlight

It’s very well known, all plants need sun light and sun energy to grow, cannabis is not an exception. You should always try to place it in a place that gets maximal sun light for the longest time so your plant can get enough energy from the sun to grow fast and healthy.

Just remember, if you live in a very hot place, make sure your plan will not be overheated by too powerful sunshine.

Watering is another extremely important resource required for any plant including cannabis, it needs enough water to grow big and healthy. You should water it regularly so it will not be dry and will have enough humidity.

Again, just don’t overdo it, it’s not human and it doesn’t need several litres of water per day. Also, never water it in a high temperature as water is getting hot easily and will overheat it even more.