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Micropigmentation is used in the medical field to enhance the final results of the plastic surgeon. Often used to camouflage facelift scars, stretch marks, breast augmentation scars, post masectomy patients to create or redesign shape of areola-nipple and correct colour.

Alopecia patients may camouflage areas with the natural looking hairstroked method, or filled in technique to provide coverage for sparse areas.

Cleft lip patients benefit from this reconstructive procedure for permanent lip shape enhancement.

Cancer patients suffering from hair loss may re-create new natural looking hairstroked eyebrows beforehand to avoid the after effects from chemo treatments. Eyelash enhancement will also simulate the look of real hair.

Vitiligo which has no known cause or cure may be camouflaged with permanent cosmetics, providing the vitiligo is not in the “spreading stage.” Vitiligo should be in a stable condition for the results to be more permanent, otherwise retouch will be needed.

A well balanced diet according to your blood type and internal cleansing of toxins will strengthen the body, which is necessary to combat this condition. If the body is showing weakness in an area which is unknown, it is sensible to strengthen the body from the inner core. Maintaining a stress free state of mind and positive outlook will also provide many benefits, as the mind does control the body.


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